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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Healthy Cooking Tips

Cooking vegetables need special issue, it is related to the nutrients and minerals can be damaged or evaporate in vain. How healthy is advisable consume fresh vegetables without cooking. Sometimes washing vegetables thoroughly was not enough to kill bacteria and germs in the vegetables. Immune different people, pregnant women are more sensitive to the body, can make raw vegetables be harmful when consumed. So there is no other way than cooking safest.

Healthy Cooking Tips

Here are tips how to cook vegetables in order to maintain good nutrition despite having to come into contact with high temperatures during processing.

Roast. Skin vegetables will keep most of the nutritional value of vegetables. When grilling, vegetables must be accompanied by a high water content so as not to dry out. Vegetables from the roots is the best kind of baked goods, such as potatoes, onions, or tomatoes.

Steaming. Cultivate steaming vegetables is probably the best way to cook all types of vegetables. This method can retain nutrients and vegetables ripen in a short time.

High Pressure / Presto. Cooking vegetables in high pressure will condense the cooking time so it can store nutrients. The problem is, if you are too long, even in a short period, vegetables will become mushy. Moreover, all the vegetables have different textures and densities, so make sure the type of vegetables and an appropriate period if the high pressure into the pot of your choice. As long as you can, avoid cooking vegetables with presto.

Sauteing. This is one quick way to cook vegetables in the frying pan with a little vegetable oil flat. Above the curved pan is also legal. But remember, when cooking vegetables with oil, fat-soluble vitamins may end up with oil. It's good you do not dispose of the oil.

Cooking without water. This method is good for green leafy vegetables by relying on water attached to the leaves after washing vegetables. This usually takes three to five minutes.

Boil. Boiling vegetables is the best way not recommended because of the risk of nutrient loss is very large. If you must use this method, add the vegetables only after the water begins to boil and cook the shortest possible time. Special tips for cooking by boiling: Let the water boil for about two minutes until the oxygen is reduced. Oxygen in the water that causes, vitamin C in vegetables evaporates. Never boil the vegetables are placed immediately in cold water. It will only reduce the levels of vitamin C, 10 to 12-fold.

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