Sunday, July 21, 2013

Flour Roast Chicken Recipe

Very delicious grilled chicken grilled and have a distinctive taste. You could try making it at home. It is very easy and simple, almost the same as making delicious Grilled Chicken Wings. Here I give the recipe to you.

Flour Roast Chicken
Flour Roast Chicken Recipe

  • 1 free-range chickens
  • 1 coconut old
  • Wheat flour taste

  • 2 eggs hazelnut
  • 6 pcs red chillies
  • 1 vertebra turmeric finger
  • 1 vertebra finger galangal
  • 1 stalk lemongrass
  • 4 red onions
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • Kemanggi leaves to taste
  • 1 tbsp tamarind water
  • salt to taste

How to cook:
  • Halve the chicken into two parts, wash. Sprinkle flour until smooth, let stand for 10 minutes to remove the smell rancid. After that wash up completely clean.
  • Garlic, chilli, turmeric, coriander, nutmeg and onion finely.
  • Put the piece of chicken in seasoning. Let stand for about 1 hour to allow the flavors to infuse.
  • Grated coconut, then grab the coconut milk (condensed). Thick coconut milk and bring to a boil, put the chicken, add the lemongrass, galangal is crushed, basil leaves also. add the acid salt and add water. Try the chicken soaked in coconut milk.
  • Continue to cook until the coconut milk thickens and oily, and lift.
  • Remove the chicken, then grilled over charcoal while inverted and spread with coconut oil released from the stew before.
  • If it is a bit dry, apply the rest of the seasoning on the chicken that has been baked. Serve.


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